Anantha CNB Black – Curry and Briyani Pressure Cookers (4 L)

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Anantha CNB Black – Curry and Briyani Pressure Cookers (4 L)


  • Made of virgin aluminium alloy
  • Matt finish ergonomic handles
  • SS screws
  • 10 years warranty

Category: Handi / Curry and Briyan


Anantha CNB -Curry and Biryani Aluminium Pressure Cookers. For the first time in India, Anantha presents a cooker designed specially for cooking delicious curries, gravies and biryanis. Its slow cooking feature cooks in low temperature and low pressure. This keeps the food from splitting, which in turn helps preserve all their nutrients. Its wide base and narrow top retain the essence of the spices and masalas instead of steaming them out. Because when you take your time to cook, a delightful experience awaits.

Product Features

Body: Virgin Special Grade Aluminium alloy
Lid: Virgin Special Grade Aluminium alloy
Lid Type: Outter Lid
Base: Work hardened base with anti – bulging properties
Base Thickness: 3.5 mm
Base Type: Non – Induction base
Gaskets: Nitrile Gasket with ISI marked
Handles: Matt finish ergonomic handles with SS304 screws
Finish: Silver Polished
Weight of the Cooker Including Accessories: 1.71 Kgs
Warranty: 10 years

Safety features

  • Pressure Regulating Device -When the nominal cooking steam pressure [1 kg.f/cm2] is reached, weight valve releases pressure up to 0.6kg.f/cm2 and gives a clear whistle sound.
  • Metallic Safety Plug-In spite of the above-mentioned safety measures if the pressure exceeds, i.e[1.5 kg.f/cm2 – 3 kg.f/cm2], the special alloy (Lead-free) of the safety valve will melt and the pressure is released.



  1. Ensure that sufficient water is poured in the cooker before cooking since the cooking process is done in Steam.
  2. To cook rice: For raw rice add 2 portions of water and for boiled rice add 3 portions of water.
  3. In case of solids, only 2/3 portions of the cooker should be filled and for liquids, only 1/2 of the cooker should be filled up.
  4. When you start cooking the steam comes out through the vent tube within a few minutes. Weight should be placed only after the steam comes out properly.
  5. It is advisable to wash the gasket and hang it after use. While Cleaning the cooker the vent tube should be checked to see if any blockage is there. After every use, The cooker should be washed and dried.
  6. After the cooking is completed, remove the cooker from the stove and open only after the steam subsides.
  7. While cooking Dhal varieties, to avoid overflowing, a little quantity of cooking oil can be added.
  8. Place the lid tightly after the food items are put inside the cooker. After the steam comes out steadily, place the weight valve. After the first Whistle, the cooking time has to be calculated. The flame should be reduced after the first whistle because the required pressure is attained by then.
  9. Once a year it is better to get your cooker checked and serviced from the Anantha Dealer.
  10. Anantha CNB can be used for normal cooking also.


  1. Ensure that sufficient water is poured in the cooker before cooking since the cooking process is done in Steam.
  2. The curve of the lid or the cooker should not be hammered while cleaning.
  3. Do not use a pressure cooker for deep frying and do not heat the pressure cooker without water.
  4. The cooker shall not be filled with more than 2/3rd of the solids and 1/2 of liquids.
  5. When the carriers are used while cooking, do not cover them with flat lids.
  6. Do not try to open when the pressure remains in the cooker.
  7. Do not clean the cooker with washing soda.
  8. Heating Induce and Double cookers without water may lead to discolouration and removal of the base plate.
  9. Do not Repair your cooker by yourself. Approach our authorised Dealers.

Pack Contains

Cooker – 1 Nos
Gasket – 1 Nos
Weight – 2 Nos (Regular weight, Slow Cook Weight)
Instruction Manual
Warranty Card

Product Dimensions:
Box Dimension: 380*248*178 mm
Box Weight: 2.30 Kgs