Venus Lava Instant Water Heater 3L30-3Litre

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Venus Lava Instant Water Heater 3L30-3Litre

Need hot water at the flick of a switch? Get Venus Lava instant water heater today. It provides you with hot water in an instant. So you no longer need to heat and store large volume of water. Thereby you not only get hot water instantly. you also get to save on your power bills. Instant water heaters or Electric tankless water heaters in India are gaining in popularity. These high-power water heaters from Venus Home Appliances instantly heat water as it flows through the device.

Key Features

99.9% pure copper tank:
For long life and corrosion free performance. Has single, high quality weld joints.

Multi Function Valve :
Acts as pressure release valve, non-return valve, expansion valve, drain valve & vacuum release valve.(Only for 3 Litres).

Thermal Cutout:
Backup safety device cuts off power at 90°C. Prevents overheating.

First water heater company in India to be awarded the prestigious ISI certification. This guarantees safety and gives the assurance of high performance.

100% copper Parts
The Inner tank,Heating Element,Inlet/outlet pipe assembly are made of copper.These parts are directly in contact with water and ensures no corrosion.

High Quality Copper Element

High Quality Copper tubular element ensures durability.

99.9% pure copper tank:
99.9% Pure copper tank ensures corrosion free performance and easy serviceability. Good resale value for copper tank.