Shrinica Iron Kadai - Wooden Handle - 10 Inch

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Shrinica Iron Kadai - Wooden Handle - 10 Inch 500131


  • Adds iron to the food
  • Naturally non-stick
  • Enhanced taste
  • Chemical free


The Iron Wok pan is made of durable iron, but it also comes pre-seasoned without any chemical coating. This means that you can start using it right away, and you won't have to worry about any harmful chemicals leaching into your food. Plus, the Iron Wok pan is ideal for cooking on gas stoves. And if you're worried about cleaning it, don't be – a soft scrubber will do the trick. Just be sure to apply oil and store it in a dry place until your next use. With the Iron Wok pan, you'll be able to cook healthier meals while also adding a touch of style to your kitchen.


  • Material Iron
  • Base Gas Stove Compatible
  • Handle Wooden Handle
  • Shape Kadai
  • Size 10 INCH
  • Colour Black