Shrinica Cast Iron Square Paniyaram Pan 9 Kuzhi 500513

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Shrinica Cast Iron Square Paniyaram Pan 9 Kuzhi 500513

Quick Overview

  • Naturally made rock Tawa
  • Even heat cooking
  • Long lifespan of the cookware
  • Adds iron energy to your food
  • 100% Pre-seasoned and ready to use
  • Best-selling product
  • India’s No.1 cast iron cookware

Shrinica pre-seasoned cast iron cookware makes a comeback from grandma's kitchen
Making a comeback from grandma's days, cast iron pans are displacing non-stick cookware. They have many advantages over non-stick cookware. Some of which are,

Low maintenance: After the initial seasoning your cast iron cookware needs very little cleaning and maintenance.
Low cost: Cost of cast iron cookware are very low compared to other cooking utensils you have in your kitchen.
Even heating area: Cast iron cookware irrespective of the cooking surface you use, offers an even heating area for cooking.
Naturally non-stick: Cast iron cookware, when properly seasoned, becomes naturally non-stick.

Shrinica pre-seasoned cast iron cookware is made from 100% pre-seasoned quality cast iron enabling you to experience the authentic traditional flavours. Such cookware is recommended for heavy

Shrinica pre-seasoned cast iron cookware has a non-stick metal finishing. The heat is evenly spread across the bottom and inner top surfaces. The cooking procedure adds iron to your food.

There are Several reasons to use Shrinica pre-seasoned cast iron cookware
Every experienced home cook understands the importance of having at least one cast-iron cookware in their kitchen. If you're just getting started cooking with them, it'll only take a few recipes to realise how versatile, durable, and functional a piece of kitchen equipment they are. Their versatility allows them to be used to prepare wonderful appetisers, desserts, main courses, and much more, so here are our top reasons to invest in this essential kitchen gadget.

Practically unbreakable
Cast-iron is cookware are some of the most heavy-duty kitchen equipment there are and, if properly cared for, will last you a lifetime. Cast iron's seasoning is chemically linked to the metal, making it exceptionally durable. Use a scrub brush to clean your pan, then thoroughly dry it. Apply oil to the pan's whole surface (inside and out). Bake for one hour with the pan upside down on the top rack. Turn off the oven and let the pan in there to cool entirely (you can just leave it overnight).

Shrinica pre-seasoned cast iron cookware can be easily maintained through its heavy usages. If anything is sticksing to the product, do not use steel scrubber. Instead, use plastic or coconut scrubber always. Avoid using the dishwasher as well. If you have a cover or a lid for your utensil, place a folded paper towel in between the lid and the utensil allowing air to circulate. After use, apply edible oil and store the product to prevent it from rusting.

Shrinica pre-seasoned cast iron cookware can be used on in various cooking platforms like open fire, hot plate, oven (OTG), gas stove and or ceramic.

Shrinica pre-seasoned cast iron cookware offers the following product range: Shrinica Cast Iron Kadai; Shrinica Cast Iron Paniyaram Pan; Shrinica Cast Iron Pan; Shrinica Cast Iron Sauce Pan; and Shrinica Cast Iron Dosa Tawa.

Shrinica pre-seasoned cast iron cookware is readily available with leading retailers in all major cities and towns, malls and societies. For further details, one may contact the manufacturer directly at Shrinica.

Good-quality cookware may be found at most local home-goods stores. However, thay may be expensive. Shrinica pre-seasoned cast iron cookware retains and distributes heat just as well as some of the costlier cookware, making them a simple and affordable option to improve the quality of your dishes without spending a lot of money.

When cooking with cast-iron, however, acidic foods should be avoided since any unseasoned patches on your cookware will potentisally leech metallic qualities into your dish.

Rapid even heating and retaining
Shrinica pre-seasoned cast iron cookware is unrivalled in terms of heating qualities and capacity, which means that, the cookware heats up quickly and stays hot for a long time. This is crucial for a variety of purposes, but especially for searing meats to achieve a lovely char, cooking delicious hash, or pan-roasting chicken and veggies.
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