Maha Idly Cooker Stainless Steel

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Size: 4 Plates

Maha Idly Cooker Stainess Steel
Mahaa’s non-welded deep drawn idly cookers makes sure the idlies come out soft and fluffy.

Available Capacity & Product Code

How To Use The Idli Cooker?

Fill 1/4 of water in the idli cooker.
Grease the idli plates with oil.
Spoon the batter into the pits of the plates.
Close the lid.
Let the idlis steam in simmer.
The cooker is gifted with a whistle to let you know that the idlis are steamed.
Idlis will be ready in 5-10 minutes.
Open the lid. Your soft puffy idlis are ready!
Check the water level every time and maintain the level. Add water if it has reduced.
Clean the utensil after use.

Elegant Design

Mahaa brands are perfectly designed with four plates having medium-sized pits so that your idlis won't be too large or too small when steamed. The size that kids would love actually! The Idli cooker is designed with the whistle which catches your attention during the hectic morning. The idli pot and plates and manufactured using high-quality stainless steel. It contains 4 plates which serve 16 idlis at a time.

Long Durability

Of course! Stainless steel is the best material for long durability. Safe and durable cookware which is very comfortable with your kitchen.

Induction And Gas Stove Compatible

Finally, to the most impressive feature. The cookware is very strong and sturdy which have a thick gauge. Hostelers, what's more, to think? Get this idli cooker now which is very easy to use.

Reduces Your Cooking Time

This large idli cooker serves 16 idlis at a time and is very ideal for a large family. It is a very efficient cookware where you can turn over the gauge to serve idlis very easily.

Rust Proof Idli Cooker

You don't need to get scared of rust, scratches, dent even after years of usage. Additionally, It is also stain-resistant cookware.

Even-Heat Distribution

The thick bottom of the pot ensures even heat distribution to the whole set which serves soft idlis in 2 minutes. The thick bottom doesn't get burnt even at a medium temperature and remain new after long usage.

Stainless Steel Is Healthy!

100% quality stainless steel which works optimum for any environments like a hotel, hostel or home. Stainless steel technology is safer cookware when compared to other material.

Dishwasher safe

Very easy to clean! A soft scrub is enough to wipe. You don't need to get afraid of scratches since it is totally scratch resistant.

Descent Weight Cookware

The idli cooker is neither too heavy or light and is very comfortable to use for tired wrists.


Doubtful to buy the idli cooker? Mahaa brands are offering a 1-year warranty with free returns. What's more to think? In the world of optimum changes, Mahaa brands will definitely build a long-lasting relationship with your kitchen. Get the idli cooker with the best features at the best price with free delivery to your doorstep within a few days!