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Product Specifications:

Rated input : 220-240V, 50 Hz
Motor watts : 130W
Model No: Alcor KH 207
Chimney size : 60cm
Body finish : Stainless Steel and glass panel
Suction(m3/hr.) : 1200
Type : Wall mounted
Speed level : 3 speed touch button
Filter : 2x groove filter with anti grease coating
LED light : 2x1.5W spot lamps
Oil collector : Yes

About Product description:

  • Stress Proof : Free installation kit including aluminum duct pipe, Brackets with Screws, Expansion Bolts with Washers and Cowl.
  • Product Dimensions : 535*595*500 (H*W*D) (In MM)
  • Oil Proof : Anti Grease Coating on the outside. Makes oil-residues "Very Easy " to clean. 2X times lesser effort in cleaning than any conventional filter in the chimney with oil collector & anti-grease coating.
  • Pest Proof : Pest repellent technology enabled by Ultrasonic wave to prevent pests from encroaching your chimney & cooking areas up to 3 meters around
  • Power cut Proof : Emergency lights with 20 mins power backup to help you continue cooking even after a power cut. It's rechargeable batteries.
  • Feather Touch : The sensor touch keys add a touch of elegance while enhancing your controlling aspects at the same time.
  • Timer Function : When chimney keeps working 1 hour without any button operation (or) forget to OFF, the chimney will be turn off automatically. No worry to switch off
  • Filter Cleaning Indicator : Indicates the need to clean the chimney filter. After 30 hrs cumulative time count